Trevor Lawrence: Teams can turn on each other and point fingers; we haven’t done that at all


At 2-7, the Jaguars are mired in a rough start to the Urban Meyer/Trevor Lawrence era.

But the No. 1 overall pick has been encouraged by several elements of the season, including the way teammates continue to rally around one another. For Lawrence, that’s meant the team hasn’t lost confidence entering Week 11.

“Everybody’s in it together and there’s never any pointing fingers. They do a good job of picking each other up,” Lawrence said in his Wednesday press conference. “Even after the game, obviously I was super disappointed in how it ended. [I] had the ball in my hands and the game ended that way instead of us scoring and going up there, but the defense really rallied behind me. The locker room picked me up and just said, ‘Stuff like that’s going to happen and we all have to play better.’

“[I] just appreciate those guys and I think it’s cool the group we have. I know there’s a lot of times that fingers can start getting pointed at each and you start bickering and kind of start turning on each other and we haven’t done that at all.”

Lawrence pointed to team going down 17-0 in the first quarter of last week’s loss to the Colts but stilly rallying back to have a chance to win it at the end as a sign of the club’s progress.

“Just seeing how we fought back, stayed in the game, didn’t panic, and had a chance to win it, you see how much better we’ve gotten,” Lawrence said. “We’re going to get there. We’re going to finish those games. I have no doubt. I have confidence in myself that I’m not going to put ourselves in that situation again and then I know all the guys around me feel the same way.”

Jacksonville will have a chance to get that elusive third win against San Francisco on Sunday.